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Traveling Dog Training Clinics will be limited to 5 human participants in order to provide the level of personalized and individual instruction Loose Leash Logic requires.  However, this Clinic differs fundamentally from what Traveling Dog Trainer does with private clients.  You will be taught to train a dog so that the dog learns how to learn from you. When teaching a private client, Traveling Dog Trainer teaches their dog the command; and once the dog understands what is expected of him, then each family member is taught to replicate that behavior in order to hold the dog accountable to what he has already learned. Traveling Dog Trainer clients do no dog training themselves. Because once a dog initially learns a behavior or a command he then immediately switches into practicing what he has already learned; you are encouraged to bring up to 5 dogs per human participant to the Clinic. Bringing multiple dogs allows you to learn to “get inside the head” of several personalities of dogs thus improving your training skills. It does mean each dog will need a crate or pen while he waits for his turn to learn Loose Leash Logic!


Also keep in mind that all the dogs that we work with at the Clinic will leave the Clinic with all their Basic or the Complete Fundamentals obedience commands learned depending on the Clinic you choose. However, each dog will still need consistent practice in order for these new commands to become ingrained behavior in the dog. This necessary practice will not be accomplished in one Clinic, but rather over a period of weeks as you work with the dog in his normal environment.


In all clinics, we will cover Loose Leash Logic extensively. Then we will move into Leash Walking and Sit, then Stay and Come. For the Complete Fundamentals Clinic we will continue with Drop It, Leave It, Stay Inside/Stay Outside, etc. Our last hour will constitute learning Down and any problem that may arise with certain Clinic participants. For either Clinic, expect to be inundated with an inordinate amount of information and to be quite exhausted by the day’s end!  However, this experience will equip you to be a better dog handler and trainer than you have ever thought possible.


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