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Traveling Dog Trainer Media Appearances:

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Blog Features:

March 25-27, 2014 & several August 2014 posts at


Newspaper Features:

Traveling Dog Trainer works with and recommends the following organizations:

Raw Feeding:
Since January 2012 Lauren has exclusively fed prey-model raw food to her personal dogs!

Raw Food Education

Charlie’s Choice

Texas Tripe

Dog Training Supplies:

Interactive toys for English Bulldog -  English Bulldog dog training and walking supplies.

Strong leather dog harnesses for Rottweiler -  Rottweiler dog training and walking accessories.

Top quality leather Great Dane collars - Great Dane dog accessories for tracking, training, walking.

Walking Doberman muzzles of wire cage - Durable and long lasting harnesses, collars and leads for Doberman.

Puppy bite sleeves and adult dog sleeves for German Shepherd - Best walking dog leashes and soft dog harnesses.

Happy Customers!
Rory and June
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