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Q: Who are these Clinics right for?


A: Traveling Dog Training Clinics are designed for people who work with dogs daily either through rescues, shelters, vets, boarding facilities, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, etc. This Clinic was created for you to be safe in handling strange dogs and give you the prized ability to get the dogs you work with to listen and be respectful of you.

This Clinic is also geared for dogs who are not aggressive towards people or animals and who are not severely fearful or timid. These issues require a separate Clinic geared specifically for remedying these problems that I am in the process of developing. The dogs brought to this Clinic should be your “average Joe” dog, which could benefit from some training!


Q: How long does the Clinic last?


A: For Complete Fundamentals, expect a full 5 hours on each scheduled day of the 2 day clinic.  For Basic Training, expect a full 5 hours to completed in a one day clinic.  Please be prepared to be immersed in dogs and their training for the entire time you are here. You might need a day to recover afterward too.  Expect the frustration of learning a lot in a small amount of time, but rest assured that you will be quite satisfied with your new-found training abilities!


Q: Do I need to have training/behavior knowledge to attend the Clinic?


A: Although we will cover Loose Leash Logic, it is expected that each attendee will have at least a basic knowledge of dogs. There is both scientific and artistic/craftsman knowledge required of a dog trainer, and you will be taught everything you need to know in order to provide either Basic or Complete Fundamentals dog training to a wide variety of dogs once you have completed the Clinic you attended.


Q: I am scheduled to attend an upcoming Clinic. Can I have access to the Clinic’s materials beforehand?


A: Sorry but the Clinic materials are not available until the day of the Clinic.


Q: I can’t attend a Clinic, can I just buy the Clinic Materials and Training Equipment?


A: Unfortunately not. Since the Clinic provides the education necessary to properly use the Clinic Materials and Training Equipment, they are not sold separately at this time.


Q: How soon after registering is payment due?


A: All spaces are first-come, first-served and there are a maximum of 5 spaces for each Traveling Dog Training Clinic. All payment terms and due dates are outlined under the Rates tab.


Q: What happens if I need to cancel?


A: Traveling Dog Trainer understands that “life” happens, so there are cancellation policies in place for registrants who need to cancel or reschedule. It is also possible to find another dog handler to take
your place. Please see the terms at the end of the registration form for full cancellation policies.


Q: What should I plan to bring with me?


A: Please plan to bring up to 5 dogs (in crates or pens) with you as the more dogs you have to practice with at the Clinic, the better the lessons will sink in for you. Bring a large notebook for taking notes and holding forms. Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and slobbered on! You will be sent a detailed list of
what you should plan to bring after you register.


Q: Do you have any trade secrets that you WON’T be sharing at the Clinic?


A: The goal of the Clinics is to teach you everything about Loose Leash Logic possible during your chosen clinic, so nothing will be kept secret!


Q: Is this REALLY the answer to my prayers?


A: This answer should be yes. Keep in mind that this Clinic, like any formal education you receive, is largely dependent on what you put into it.  If you remain focused on the instruction and open-minded to constructive criticism (the goal is for you to be the best trainer you can be!), you ought to be the best dog trainer/handler your friends and family have ever encountered!


Q: I have more questions! What should I do?


A: Contact Lauren!  She looks forward to hearing from you!


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