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Training With Loose Leash Logic

Lauren believes that the best method to train your dog involves communicating in a language that your dog naturally understands so she developed Loose Leash Logic.  Dogs are pack animals, and this is the most important survival drive they have.  By using this instinctive social structure not only will you be teaching your dog more than what you thought possible, you will also be creating a bond deeper than you have ever experienced.  Loose Leash Logic involves no physical punishment, and only requires patient guidance and a positive attitude towards communication.


The equipment used is typically some type of collar (i.e. head halter, buckle collar, etc) and a 4-6′ leash.  Lauren also implements the use of a long line, the ones stocked being 30′ and 50′.  The majority of the teaching comes from tone of voice and body language.  Eventually all equipment (except you!) is removed from the equation, and you are left with a dog with a great desire to be at your beck-and-call.


When a dog lives in a black-and-white world, his training is surprisingly quick.  The trick is to make sure that you, the human, can learn his language for proper communication!  Lauren always says “if I can get the dog to complete a behavior, the problem is not the dog.  However, if I can’t teach you how to replicate my behavior, then I am not doing my job!”  Loose Leash Logic involves giving a verbal command and/or visual signal and expecting your dog to obey the command the first time it is given until he is released from that command.  This teaches the dog many things beyond obeying the command:  he learns impulse control, patience, respect for you, and that life-saving commands are not to be followed only if he chooses.  Dogs trained with Loose Leash Logic are noticeably calm, relaxed, happy, and appear to have a “conscience” as they are always thinking about what behavior from them pleases you.  A dog’s greatest desire is to keep you pleased with him, and Loose Leash Logic teaches him exactly how he can do just that!

There are many types of training methods with varying philosophies, and training outside of your home does not teach your dog how to behave properly in your home.  Lauren’s preference is always to do in-home training with the family learning how to handle their dog and practice new commands and behaviors, since this achieves the best, longest-lasting results. Life can be more complicated, so Lauren developed in-home board & train at her own home for one family’s dog(s) at a time.  Now those with little time or physical limitations can still have an exceptionally trained Loose Leash Logic dog! 

Loose Leash Logic teaches you to work with your dog one on one, and this is a lot more work for you in the beginning.  However, the hard work on your part is very short-lived.  Then comes the years and years of enjoyment that comes with having an impeccably-trained dog! If your dog is only sub-par coming home from training, your work at managing him never ends, and you end up always frustrated with your dog in some situation or another.  Using Loose Leash Logic in your home one-on-one ensures your dog will be the dog you have always dreamed of having but never thought possible to have without spending a fortune.


**The most important thing to remember is your dog will always give you at least as much effort in training as you give him.  No matter what the breed or age, Loose Leash Logic can help!**

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