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Welcome to Traveling Dog Training Clinics!

Just how did Traveling Dog Training Clinics come about?  Lauren has always had a passion for dogs and building strong relationships with them through improved communication.  In 2005, she created Traveling Dog Trainer to share this passion by professionally teaching others how to enjoy the same relationship with their dogs using Loose Leash Logic.  Traveling Dog Trainer is acutely aware of the fact that most dogs lose their homes before they reach 2 years of age for simply being dogs and their owners not having the education or skills to curb unwanted canine behavior like digging, barking, and chewing. While using Loose Leash Logic for dogs that are already in homes aids them in keeping that home forever, Traveling Dog Trainer wants to do more to help those dogs who are homeless and need to be more adoptable.


So in talking with rescuers it has become apparent that there is a need for an organization to have all of its members on the “same page” philosophically and using the same method of handling and training the dogs in their care.  This creates consistency for their dogs to improve their overall behavior.  This, in turn, makes the dogs more adoptable as it is evident these dogs have manners and will be a joy to live with!  Hopefully, with increased education and skills, members of an organization such as rescue fosters can make previously “unadoptable” dogs “adoptable” through use of their improved handling abilities.


Unfortunately it is all too common to find many dog trainers with a passion for dogs, and only a tolerance of the dogs’ owners.  This is not so with Traveling Dog Trainer!  There is just as much passion for teaching people how to work with dogs as working with the dogs themselves.  The real challenge is connecting with the people in a way that is easy to understand so that everyone can be as successful with dogs as Traveling Dog Trainer.  It has become a natural progression to offer these clinics as a way for organizations that deal with dogs to learn to train dogs themselves.  This results in a safer handling situation as the handlers of strange dogs are now educated in Loose Leash Logic, and the dogs are relaxed knowing what is expected of them.

Traveling Dog Training Clinics is a new program beginning in 2012 created by Lauren the Traveling Dog Trainer.


Traveling Dog Trainer teaches clinics to organizations around DFW in order to expand the number of people in animal-related professions who practice Loose Leash Logic for training and handling dogs.

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