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Hang Loose Academy's Legacy Dogs


Traveling Dog Trainer is launching Hang Loose Academy, a puppy program launched in 2019! A good foundation of manners, obedience training, and socialization are vital for a dog to make a well-rounded and exceptional family pet. It is not always possible for those with hectic schedules or for elderly people to commit the proper time and energy for puppy raising. Puppies take considerable time and effort to achieve those stellar results, so reserve your Legacy Dog today; this could be the best dog you will ever own!


Lauren personally selects each puppy from a breeder, and trains them one by one for her Legacy program. Temperament is paramount, and trumps breed and gender, but if you are looking for specific characteristics, Lauren can likely find what you are looking for in a puppy to place in her program. Dogs chosen only by Lauren's discretion will always be small to medium-sized hypoallergenic pure-bred dogs. Give us a call if you want to discuss enrolling your own puppy in the Legacy Dog program.


No one puppy experience looks like another, the maturity of the puppy and the amount of training desired will determine the length of each puppy's program. Legacy Dogs stay with Lauren from the time they leave their breeder until they have completed their training, so they will generally be available when they are five to eight months old.  It is ideal to meet with your puppy several times during his stay in the Academy, so you can practice your puppy’s obedience together. Bonding with your puppy and knowing how to communicate with him are vitally important. You are encouraged to name your puppy so that he can learn it during his training.


Legacy Dogs come fully potty trained, and will not chew on anything besides their own toys. Lauren raises each puppy as if it is her own dog, living with her menagerie of personal pets, including chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, cats, and her well-trained dogs. For socialization, Legacy Dogs go on trips to dog-friendly stores, and are carefully introduced to children and strangers. At Lauren’s house, puppies are crate trained and groomed.


For proper physical and mental development, puppies should keep their hormones, so Legacy Puppies go to their forever homes intact with their pedigrees. They receive all necessary puppy vet exams, vaccinations, and microchips. Each Legacy Dog takes home his bed, collar, leash, and his favorite toy! Just like Lauren's own dogs, all Legacy puppies in Lauren’s care are fed a prey model raw diet. If you wish to continue feeding your puppy this diet, Lauren will teach you about canine nutrition science and raw feeding!  You are welcome to supply your own puppy's food as well.


To reserve your Legacy puppy, call us at 972-364-7910. A Legacy Dog raised with Loose Leash Logic Basic Training is $6000, and your deposit goes towards the final training price of the puppy, which is due upon receipt of your puppy. Legacy Dogs trained with Complete Fundamentals will be $8000. Complete Loose Leash Logic graduates are $10000. Training beyond the Basic Training will require a longer stay to ensure your puppy masters the additional commands before going home with you.  


Previously Available Legacy Puppies


Hang Loose Academy welcomed our first Legacy Dog in Training! Meet Wilbur, a red Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund, born October 6, 2018. Jasper, a medium poodle, joined Lauren's Legacy Dogs February 6, 2019. Scarlett, a wire fox terrier, born November 1, 2021, is also a proud Legacy Dog living happily in Plano!

Recommended Breeders

For more up to date pictures and information click below for the Instagram page!

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