*With the price of fuel always a concern, anyone 15 miles from the Interstate 30 & 635 (LBJ) intersection will be subject to an extra mileage charge to cover that expense.

**All NEW customers will receive a FREE 30 minute evaluation with the PURCHASE of any package or lesson.

EVALUATION: $45 for 30 minute session*

In this initial meeting Lauren prefers to meet the entire family including the dog in their home environment.  In this setting she can more easily see natural interactions between family members with each other and the dog to better understand the causes of your particular concerns.  Lauren will also explain her Loose Leash Logic, course of action, and any equipment recommended.  This option is ideal for rescue groups that have dogs with specific issues that need a behavioral modification plan rather than for generally pleasant, but untrained dogs.  There is no training offered in an evaluation.


FIND MY PERFECT PAW PAL: $85 per dog evaluation location (ie, litters of puppies or a shelter visit are examples of 1 evaluation), usually one hour necessary per dog evaluation location*

Looking to adopt a puppy or rescue dog and want to make sure the dog’s personality matches your own (or your families’)?  Lauren can evaluate a dog you want to potentially adopt, and can let you know of any issues this dog may need to work through to be the perfect companion.  Lauren is also gifted for matching dogs to personalities and lifestyles.  For this meeting if the pup is at a breeder or shelter/rescue facility, Lauren can arrange to meet you there.  If you already have a dog (or multiple dogs), she can show you how to introduce the new dog to the mix to ensure years of harmony together.

PUPPY SOCIAL - Clients are $15 per puppy per session. Nonclients are $25 per puppy per session

Come join our puppy play group to give your puppy socialization! This group meets for an hour in Lauren's backyard, a safe place for unvaccinated puppies to interact & explore. We need a minimum of 3 puppies to make a group. Our group maximum is 10 puppies. Meet times are Saturday mornings from 8-9am and Sundays from 1-2pm. Clients are $15 per puppy per session. Nonclients are $25 per puppy per session. All breeds up to 16 weeks old are eligible to participate. Must prepay over the phone. Call to schedule & get exact address in East Dallas.


PUPPY 101: $320 for 4 sessions*

Lauren will give recommendations on equipment, food, play rules, house training and begin teaching basic training with Loose Leash Logic.  Since she is training in your home, waiting until vaccinations are complete is unnecessary.  You will experience the least problems with your new pup if you start training the first few days you bring him home.  While you never want to take a pup from his mom before 7 weeks old at the earliest, he is already learning at 7 weeks, so don’t hesitate to start his training!  If you don’t yet have a dog or are looking for advice on a companion to your existing dog, Lauren can also give recommendations of breed types based on temperaments and activity levels that will best suit the needs of your entire family.  If you have questions, she has answers!


BASIC TRAINING: $240 for 3 sessions* ADD ONLY $49.99 for the Basic Training DVD!

This course will get you started with the right equipment for your particular dog and the proper training techniques used in Loose Leash Logic.  Commands taught will include Loose Leash Walking ignoring all distractions, Sit, Stay, and Come; all on leash.  Implementing family agreed upon House Rules is also included.


BASIC TRAINING DVD: $99.99 for DVD (Free Shipping) ONLY $49.99 during any lesson!

This DVD will lead you through the Loose Leash Logic training philosophy so you will learn how to modify behaviors you find undesirable such as chewing furniture, jumping, and problem barking.  There is also an equipment section that teaches you what each type of tool is for and how to use it so you can be sure you are selecting the right equipment for your particular dog.  Basic training is also covered, so you can learn how to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash ignoring distractions, sit, stay, and come.  All of these commands are taught with hand signals and a release word.  Call to order your copy today!

GENERAL MANNERS/PROBLEM SOLVING: $85 per hour session* ADD ONLY $49.99 for the Basic Training DVD!

Lauren shows you how to implement the House Rules agreed upon by your family. This includes setting up boundaries, or Objectionable Behaviors, as well as teaching your dog acceptable and desirable behavior.  This course corrects any problems that you may already be having with your dog and teaches basic handling of your dog including sit, walking on a leash, and using confinement as a management tool.

INTERMEDIATE TRAINING: $240 for 3 sessions* ADD ONLY $49.99 for the Basic Training DVD!

This course is for dogs that are already accomplished in Loose Leash Logic basic training skills.  This course introduces new commands such as Down, Drop it, Bring it, Leave it, Stay inside/outside.


COMPLETE FUNDAMENTALS TRAINING: $450 for 6 sessions* ADD ONLY $49.99 for the Basic Training DVD!

This course combines BASIC TRAINING with INTERMEDIATE TRAINING using Loose Leash Logic.  This is the most popular course offered.  Commands taught includes Loose Leash Walking ignoring all distractions, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Drop it, Bring it, Leave it, Stay inside/outside, and Visitor Etiquette.


ADVANCED TRAINING: $160 for 2 sessions*

This course refines all basic and intermediate commands by completing them all off leash using Loose Leash Logic.  It is necessary for all dogs to learn to obey commands off leash as it can be life-saving for them.  In the off-chance someone inadvertently lets them out the front door, they escape from the yard, or even on a walk with you their equipment (leash, collar, headhalter, etc) fails, you always have the peace of mind knowing your dog will listen to you and stay safe in any situation.


COMPLETE LOOSE LEASH LOGIC TRAINING: $600 for 8 sessions* ADD ONLY $49.99 for the Basic Training DVD!

This course combines BASIC TRAINING with INTERMEDIATE TRAINING and ADVANCED TRAINING using Loose Leash Logic.  This is the most comprehensive course offered.  Commands taught includes Loose Leash Walking ignoring all distractions, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Drop it, Bring it, Leave it, Stay inside/outside, Visitor Etiquette, and OFF LEASH TRAINING.


TRICKS: $85 per hour session, $160 for 2 sessions*

Bring out the performer in your dog!  Tricks are limited only by your imagination.  Examples include beg, shake, wave, dead, feet up, say your prayers, and open/close a door.


SPECIAL TASKS/SPORTS: $85 per hour session, $240 for 3 sessions*

This is for those who would like to give their dog a job in therapy work, agility, dock jumping, doggy dancing, pulling a wagon, etc.  Once a dog has reached at least the intermediate level of training using Loose Leash Logic, he is ready to start learning a job.  All dogs love a job, and Lauren is certain she can help you figure out where your dog excels!


AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN TEST: $105 one-hour session*

To have Lauren evaluate your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, Lauren will need to choose a dog-friendly public location in your area.  Click here for information on the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.  To allow time to set up all the test scenarios, this evaluation will last one hour.


Please note:  Typically Lauren comes once a week for lessons unless you need more time to practice with your dog.

Full Payment for a multiple-lesson program is due at the first meeting. Traveling Dog Trainer accepts cash, credit and debit cards for all transactions.

To eliminate Lauren’s wasted travel, half of the first lesson price is due when scheduled. The Booking Credit will be refunded if the lesson is cancelled at least two hours before the scheduled lesson.

Aggressive Dog Policy:  If a dog has ever bitten a person and is 40lbs or more, Lauren will bring an assistant to ensure everyone, including the dog, stays safe during the lesson.  The cost of the additional trainer is an additional $85 per lesson. 

If a dog is aggressive with other dog(s) that reside together, but only one dog is needing attention, more time will still be needed to address this issue.  The amount of time needed is not standard as each case is unique, so the lesson will be charged per additional half hour needed.  Please contact us to best determine your situation’s needs and costs.

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