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Hi! I Am Lauren The Traveling Dog Trainer and growing up with dogs I found I had a natural ability to communicate with them. My parents had no experience with dog training and therefore never exposed me to it, yet at seven years old in Louisiana I taught my border collie mix to Sit and Shake her paw. In Scotland at 11 years old, I taught our family Yorkshire Terrier to Sit, Down, and walk off leash with me. In college I claimed the family Beagle for myself and taught her off leash obedience and she learned a vocabulary of over 100 words in her lifetime. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences in the option of Natural Resource Collections & Museums. This education provided me the science behind behavior and learning from classes like ethology. Once I was settled in Dallas, in 2005 I began my professional career as a dog trainer and behaviorist after my friends and family continually sought my help with their own dogs. Since then I have professionally trained hundreds of dogs from over 149 breeds, the smallest being a 1.5lb Yorkie, the largest a 180lb Great Dane.

I have learned from and practiced several training methods with my own dogs and clients', having hired a private dog trainer for one of my own personal dogs, then taking him to an agility class, and also working part-time as a Pet Trainer at a big box store in the past. My Loose Leash Logic is a blend of the best of all worlds as I am not bound by any corporate or franchise restrictions, so what I bring to your dog is particularly suited to his unique personality. My passion is making lives better for people and their dogs, and I am always researching and expanding my training knowledge to ensure the easiest learning experience for you and your dog!


For my personal dogs, I rescued a mutt, Mabel, born 4/25/17, who has become my lovely assistant.  She  accompanies me if requested, helping socially awkward and unsure dogs to become very social! In 2023 Darius, a Mini Aussie Shepherd joined the family as a farm assistant who enjoys playing with dogs staying with Lauren!

My first personal dogs were the most intelligent, strong-willed, and active dogs I have ever encountered. Their intense challenge gave me the confidence to train any dog! Charlie, born 12/1/01, was a mutt I rescued at 10 weeks old. I lost him in October of 2016 to complications from a broken hip when he was 15 years old. Jacob, an American Pit Bull Terrier, born 7/20/02, was with me until January 2018. Both Charlie and Jacob had a working vocabulary of well over 225 words, knew how to dock dive, pull a cart, and run agility courses. Charlie earned his certification by the Delta Society as a Therapy Dog in 2004, and starred as Sandy in the 2007 Lake Highlands High School and the 2014 Prestonwood Christian Academy productions of Annie.  Jacob enjoyed raising foster puppies in his retirement after we lost Charlie. The three of us traveled the country together, went to Major League Baseball games, and they accompanied me to other dog-friendly events. They enjoyed more freedom than most dogs experience because of their reliable obedience. Together we developed Loose Leash Logic.  


2403 Millmar Dr, Dallas, TX 75228 / (972) 364-7910 /

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